What We Do

Since 1999 Black Lake Media has partnered with clients like Topps Digital Services, Vimeo, MonsterTrak, and CHILLFILTR.

  • Strategy

  • Design

  • Photography

Development & Strategy

Development is our specialty. We can build a cost-effective and high quality solution for any use case. From traditional RDBMS-based content sites to flat-file CMS products like Grav and Kirby, we can make the content creation experience fun and hassle-free. Hire us to take care of the entire tech stack, from development to deployment and maintenance, so you can get back to what you do best: making great content to engage your customers.


We keep design services mostly in-house, which can help keep costs down and ensure a speedy development life cycle. If you have existing art assets, we can help you decide what else you need to ensure a professional web presence.

We take the time to find the right solution according to your needs: how many contributing writers you will have, your traffic projections, and your marketing strategy are all important factors that will impact our recommendation for a robust and feature-rich CMS.

Photography & Media

We can provide drone footage, high resolution photos, video production, 360 photos, and 3D renderings. We work across many digital mediums to create a natural persona for your brand.

Clients We Have Worked With

The small team at Black Lake Media has more than 4 decades worth of collective experience in development, marketing, and design. Here are a few of the clients we are most proud of.

  • GMG Entertainment

    When we got started with Topps Digital services, it was a small start-up called GMG Entertainment headed by Rob Goldberg (now with FresnoInc.com). We built their Pulse platform from nothing using Ruby on Rails with a MySQL back-end. Now it processes millions of transactions per month for retail heavyweights like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

  • Zynx Health

    In 2014 We helped build the first iteration of the Zynx (Ruby on Rails) project for the Hearst Health Network. The highlight of this experience was working with consultants from ThoughtWorks who had done the early design for this data collection tool that helps hospitals and health providers share records about patient outcomes and services rendered.

  • JobTrak | Monster Integration

    We were hired as a migration specialist by Monster to integrate data from their recently purchased JobTrak acquisition into the main database. 8 months and 11 million records later, the job was done and to this very day college data in the Monster ecosystem is sourced from these records. It was our first experience working with an Oracle database.


    We spent four months transitioning CHILLFILTR from Ghost CMS to a fresh install of Craft CMS. This involved a massive data migration of more than 1500 detailed, media-rich blog records, as well as art direction + RSS, podcast, and AMP feeds. We even built out a successful merchandising vertical using Bonfire. CHILLFILTR now receives between 5 and 10 thousand visitors per month with high-ranking organic search results.

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